2000 Rat Awards

Superior Rattie Website Award (January 2000)

RATS!! For the Superior Rodent Enthusiast
Suebee's Cool Rat Site Award (February 2000)

Suebee's World: Rats Rule!
Rattie Site Award from Jennifer's Rat Page (February 2000)

Jennifer's Rat Page
The Chew Crew Rattery's Award for Ratty Web Site Excellence (May 2000)

Chew Crew Rattery
Rats O'Hooi's Great Rat Art Design Award (May 2000)

Ridges & Rats
Bellaratta's Award Wow What a Site! (July 2000)

Bellaratta's Nest
Site Récompensé Par La folie des rats (September 2000)

La folie des rats
Fab Rats Award (October 2000)

Leigh-Anne's Rat Page
Rue's Great Website Award (October 2000)

Rue's Place
Ratties R Us Award for Site Excellence (October 2000)

Ratties R Us
KuddlyKorner4u's Cool Rat Site Award (October 2000)

Arinella's Rats & Morakullan's Mice  Favorite Award (November 2000)

Arinella's Rats & Morakullan's Mice
Emily's Rats Award for super ratty websites (November 2000)

Emily's Rats
Cool Rat Site Award (November 2000)

Rats R Cool!!!