2002-2004 Rat Awards

Mousini's Award (February 2002)

Mousini's Planet
Rat-A-Ma-Tat Ratty Award 2002 (March 2002)

RatAMaTat: The Wonderful World of Rats
Rotteslottets Sølvutmerkelse (August 2002)

Award of Rat Excellence (November 2002)

Rats R Us
Lauren's Rats Gives this site 10/10 for site excellence (September 2003)

Lauren's Rats
Clair's Foxy Rat Award (October 2003)

Claire's Rats
Award for Greatness (February 2004)

Amy's Rattie Page
Maisy's Rat Palace Most Interesting Website Award (March 2004)

Maisy's Rat Palace