1998 Rat Awards

Benny's Best Rathole of the Month (January 1998)

Tom and Lynda's Rattie Page
Rat City Site of the Month (February 1998)

Rat City
The Golden Rat Award (February 1998)

Jazmyn's Fancy Rat FAQ
Rat Fan Club Website of the Month (May 1998)

The Rat Fan Club
Grand Rat Award (July 1998)

Rat World
The Official Verminal Website Rat Page Award (August 1998)

The Official Verminal Website
Interrat Award (August 1998)

RM Rats Page
Nuutti's Award for Rat Site Excellence (August 1998)

Narnia's Nuutti and Jörkki
Rhapsodie Favourite Site Award (August 1998)

Le Site des Rats
Sophie & Tomba's Award For Rat Site Spectacular (October 1998)

Rat Tayles
Rattie Award of Site Creativity and Superior Info and Cleverness (November 1998)

The Rat Station
Fat Rat Central Golden Rat Award (December 1998)

Fat Rat Central