1999 Rat Awards

Angel's Your Rat Site Rocks Award (February 1999)

The RatPack
Schmal's Rat Raisinette Award (March 1999)

Schmalz Rat Hole
Kayleigh's WebRat Award (March 1999)

The RatMischief!
The Official Hooded Rat Award for Rat Site Excellence (May 1999)

Bart's Rat Site
The Official Mischievous Missy Award Super Site! (May 1999)

Five Furry Fuzzbombs
The World's Coolest Rats Award of the Week! (June 1999)

The World's Coolest Rats
Rudolph's Cool Rat Site Award (June 1999)

Rat Room UK
Maxximum Exxcellence Maxx's Award 4 Cool Sites (July 1999)

Snickers & Maxx
Lisa's Rattie Award for Superb Website (July 1999)

Lisa's Rat Homepage
Zara loves this rat page (September 1999)

Spiritje's Homepage
Great Rattish Design Award (November 1999)

Rat Fancy
A Royal Rattie Site (November 1999)

Tim and Heather's Rattie Palace
Ratarchie Award (November 1999)