Hey Rats*! Win an Award!

The Wererat's Award for Cleverness

This was an award I gave out from 1997 to 2004-- it's had a good run, but I'm retiring it for now.

If you have won the award and your site has moved, please let me know so the rats and I can still visit you!

2004 Clever Winners

Rat China Town's Rotterede   Cute Danish rats on this very large site! Written in Danish, but with an English version on the way.
Rat The Rat Pack Rattery (formerly Amy's Rattie Page)   As of my visit, she's only had rats for a month, but they are obviously a source of inspiration for Amy!
Rat Maisy's Rat Palace   Maisy is an "only rat" who sounds very spoiled-- just look at her wardrobe! She looks beautiful in a cape.
Rat Espresso Rat   In addition to the charming Expresso and his rat buddies, there is some wonderful fantasy rat art.
Rat The home page of Belial   Belial is a super-large squishy Agouti with his own blog and webcam! Visit and see what he's up to today.

2003 Clever Winners

Rat Runabout Ratties Rattery   A rattery in Ontario with a very, very young caretaker whose ratties enjoy bruxing and tipping igloos!
Rat Genex Rodents   A medium-sized rattery located in Brisbane, Australia, which specializes in rattie supplies and friendly, healthy rats!
Rat Bailey's Tamrotter   A lot of gorgeous ratties in Denmark! In Danish right now, but eventually to be in English too.
Rat Rat's Space   A great site-- full of very detailed rat care information and lots of cute pictures.
Rat Tiffany's Rat Page   Actually, quite a few pages, with everything from cute rat pictures to items you can buy to pamper your own ratties.
Rat Lauren's Rats   Clever rats that have taught Lauren to respond to the ‘oops I dropped it can I have another one?’ trick. Lots of great info and cute pictures!
Rat Claire's Rats   Read the continuing journals of Ramona the talking rattie!
Rat Royaloaks Rattery   From Syndey, NSW Australia, ratties with good temperments that enjoy sharing their accomodations with rescue ratties waiting to be rehomed.
Rat The Edmond Clan   Great pictures of rats having free range time on a bed while eating Spanish rice, among other things!