2000 Clever Winners

Rat RATS!! For the Superior Rodent Enthusiast   Our first Clever site of the year has a lot of great rattie information, photos and gifs, and a really nice collection of the author's own sculptures (which include a beautiful rat, of course!).
Rat Suebee's World: Rats Rule!   In addition to having really cool names for her rats, Suebee has written a wonderful guide for Pet Stores that care for rats-- available in a pdf file in case you want to print out a copy for your local pet shop.
Rat Jennifer's Rat Page   Jennifer has a wonderful boy rat named Elvis. Elvis has posed for some very cute pictures with promises of more to come.
Rat Nikki's Rat Mansion   Stuart and Tucker have a wonderful online photo gallery. They are pet store rescue ratties doing their best to provide Nikki with clever rat antics.
Rat Weet and Foil's Fan Page   A pair of little boy rats can bring a smile to anyone's face; Weet and Foil have a gallery of photos that will do that job!
Rat Bellaratta's Nest   Joanne's rat photos are adorable; and her rat-inspired artwork is absolutely breathtaking.
Rat The Dancing Rat Home Page   Miyuki and Fuyume have taken the normal white rat sway and made a mesmerizing dance from it!
Rat Ridges and Rats   This site has real Norwegian rats (it's from Norway, after all!). It has plenty of cute pictures of Minni and her babies, as well as a lot of good information on rats in both English and Norwegian.
Rat Caidreabh   Meet Heritage and Virtue the Caidreabh (Irish Gaelic for "showing love and compassion") Rats; Laura has made a lovely site for her lovely ratties!
Rat Sparkyrats Ratworld   I've never seen a rattie in a sweater before. Mr. Bigglesworth, a hairless rattie, actually wears a sweater and looks quite comfortable in it. See him on this site!
Rat Ratty Rats   In addition to the prerequisite adorable rattie pictures, Ratty Rats has the start of a "Varieties" section to help you determine just what color your rattie is.
Rat The Chew Crew Rattery   This Pennsylvania-based rattery has some very cute rats in well made houses, and a page you can check for new litters and rat rescues!
Rat T.J. and Sash's Rats   These young ratties play so hard that they look tuckered in every picture-- lots of shots of the "flat rat" position and a great narcoleptic rattie picture too!
Rat The Rattiest Rat Club   This site has cute rats, and several contests including one where the visitor must try to guess what the rattie pictured is thinking.
Rat Charisma Star Rats   I like the slogan of this Florida-based rattery: "Color and markings second; Breeding for health and temperament first!" Of course, the rats are very cute too.
Rat The Rat Nest (a section of Paint It Black)   This rather eccentric site has a wonderful rattie mascot named Munch, plus a rather enjoyable section for "conspiracy" lovers called the Coup.
Rat Moonstone Fancy Rats   Here is another breeder that believes temperament and health are more important than fur color! Melanee also happens to have very cute rats! Moonstone Fancy Rats is based in South Carolina.
Rat Rattery Crazy   Once again I find myself wishing I could read Dutch a wee bit better. I can tell by the smiling little rattie faces in the pictures that the six little ones that reside in the Rattery Crazy are very happy!
Rat Fancy Ratties   LeeAnne's site is a rare treat-- visit Camry and the other ratties in their made-to-scale "doll" house. From the tidy little living room to the sunroom where the boys laze around, it's a rat dream home!
Rat Rats R Cool!!!   The name of this site says it all! This site was designed by a very young rat lover, so expect to see more added soon.
Rat Great Rats   This expanding site has a wonderful gallery of Harvey the Rat playing with his food, playing the piano, and doing rat things.
Rat KuddlyKorner4u   Meet Karen's rats: Beanie, Cecil, Jenny and Annie. There's also some good information on caring for "Kuddles" (pet rats).
Rat Rat Planet   The rats (and their human) behind the Rat Rehoming Register proudly bring us Rat Planet, the online news and reviews site for rats and their terrestrial friends!
Rat La folie des rats   A French nightclub for rats! David's site contains a wealth of information, cute rat pictures, and a few rattie surprises!
Rat MagicStar Rattery  Karen's rattery promotes healthy pets with spectacular temperaments in Sydney, NSW Australia.
Rat Sara's Rattie Site   Read a daily journal about the lives of Fern the rat, and her two younger rattie friends Phoebe and Flower.
Rat Pet Rat Photos   Prepare for a heavy dose of cuteness, and then vote on your favorite photos on Grahame & Diana's very clever site.
Rat Leigh-Anne's Rat Page   Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have an amazing gallery here-- some of the pictures even have rattie sound effects, and all are extremely cute!
Rat Rowangate Rats   This site is a rattery in the UK, that breeds show rats with good health and temperments (such as the three rat girls cleverly mentioned above!).
Rat Rue's Place   Meet Rue, a pretty PEW, and learn how to teach your own rat to come when called and receive a treat. Um, the rat gets the treat, not you.
Rat Gerodean Ellebys homepage: Arinella's rats and Morakullan's mice   Here is a lovely Swedish Rattery and Mousery site with many cute pictures. There's also an English translation for those of us that haven't quite mastered Swedish.
Rat Haley's Page!!   Visit a rat who admits she's "one of the cutest things you've ever set eyes on!"
Rat Emily's Rats   I can't stop smiling when I go to this site! The first page alone is guaranteed to brighten your day, and there's even more rattie cuteness waiting for you in the Gallery.
Rat DanaWorld   I do believe this is the first Russian Clever site (don't worry, there's an English version!). And, even better, Russian ratties are very, very cute! This site has an amazing photo collection of rattie girl Dana, as well as other useful rattie information.