2001 Clever Winners

Rat The Rat Page   Suade and Zephyr had a litter of 12 and you can watch their growth through pictures. There are cute pictures of the adult rats too!
Rat A Rattie Development... The Official Rattie Rescue Site   Located in Fremont California, this rattie rescue provides homes for rats who can no longer be cared for. For Lovecraft lovers, note that the first adoptee is named "Arkham."
Rat The Rat Lounge   Lucy and Ethel have cute photos, current rat information from the news, and even a rat paper doll for you to cut out and dress up!
Rat Absolute Rats   This neat rattie site from New Zealand is done entirely in Flash! There is also some bits about other rodents and information on keeping them all happy.
Rat Rattyrat.com   Meet Baku and her friends, find out what toys they like and how cute they are, and download wonderful desktop wallpaper (green glowing rats on a black background-- our favorite!).
Rat Arsen and Nic's Ratty Homepage   Two boys that show us that rats aren't vermin-- but they are cute!
Rat Bella Karm Ratties   This is a rattery with beautiful rats and very good breeding practices-- only the very friendiest ratties!
Rat Rattery Fairy Tales   This Dutch Rattery has cute pictures of the resident rats, baby rat pictures, plus variety/color and medical information. Dutch only.
Rat My Pet Rats   Beautiful pictures of award winning rats from birth through adulthood from North Wales, UK.
Rat Silver Fuzz Rattery   A small Michigan rattery with a large variety of cute rats, including a Gambian pouched boy.
Rat Welcome to StellaRat Rattery!!!   A rattery specializing in sphynx rats, with a great picture of the hairless Scully rat with a big round belly.
Rat Ratz R Us   A huge site with lots of cute rattie pictures, information, forums and other "interactive" areas.
Rat Federal Bureau of Rats   This fun site shows the dangers of rat ownership (dangers such as being over-snuggled and having food stolen off your plate) complete with criminal dossiers, "most wanted" and mug shots of all the rattie criminals.
Rat Le Monde Des Rats   A nice French rattie site with loads of cute pictures and some tips on keeping rats healthy and happy.
Rat The Zoo Tribe   Meet the rats of Zoo Tribe Rattery, and see their many wonderful pictures in the photo albums.
Rat Blue Velvet Rattery   In addition to some beautiful ratties, this site has very good information about the SDA virus and breeding rats.
Rat Fancy Rats   A huge, well-organized UK rat site with message boards, information, reviews, Rat of the Month, and interactive rat games.
Rat The Rats, Adventures of Lady and Speed   The clever antics of two rats in their very own comic strip.
Rat Angela's Rat Page   This site was made especially for a very young rat named Tabitha, and will grow as Tabitha does!
Rat Little Ratscals   Meet Maria the hairless (and clothesless) rattie who likes to groom her human's hair!
Rat Pet Rats Canada   Rimsky and Korsakoff bring us the collected knowledge of Canadian rat lovers, and provide links to ratteries, adoptions, rat rescues and companies located in Canada