2002 Clever Winners

Rat Petrat.ca   This site is looking to be the largest handpicked collection of rat links available-- 1000 and still growing, and neatly sorted by topic!
Rat Mousini's Planet   A favorite rattie site with wonderful mythological names and beautiful pictures of rats past and present.
Rat Excalibur Rodents   A huge Aussie web site with loads of information on rat care, rat myths, rat art and more. There are also forums and ecards, and a list of rats native to Australia.
Rat Rat House   Azrael, Indra and Safin are clever and cute-- visit their site and see if you can find the most amazing rat yawn picture ever!
Rat Happy Tails Rattery   A rattery site in Austin Texas with some very unusual (but cute) looking ratties. You can also check out the homemade rattie tent beds.
Rat Dimension #6011 Rattery   Iris has an Olympia, WA based rattery with very cute rats! Visit her site to see pictures of one of her ratties giving birth.
Rat Lisa & Marielle's Råttsida   A rattery site in Sweden with beautiful ratties! This is a large site and is entirely in Swedish.
Rat Susan's Ratty Page   Some cute rats with a lot of good pictures and descriptions of rat treats, bedding, toys and such!
Rat EaglesEye Rats   A small rattery in Monmouth, Oregon (near Salem). Specializing in dumbos and friendly pet rats.
Rat Ziggabella Rattery   Meet the clever Brutus and his friends at a small scale rattery in the VA/MD/DC area. Brutus insists that there is more to these rats than pretty faces, but they sure are cute!
Rat Rats R Us   Rat Info, Rat Stuff, and some cute little girl rats!
Rat KoseRotta   A site in Norwegian and English from a small rattery located in Trondheim, Norway. The rattery owner has a great first name!
Rat Rat Rage   Every rat has their own unique personality! Find out why rats are so special at this site.
Rat Spoiled Ratten Rattery   Sweet, healthy, cute rats in Kansas City, Missouri. Lots of cute pictures, information on rat care, and home of The Ratster Breeder and Information Directory.
Rat Rotteslottet   A Norwegian site (with English included!) showing the pregnancy of Gramella. Absolutely cute, and a handy guide if your own little rat girl is starting to show.
Rat Tailspinz Rattery   Missouri breeder with very smart rats. Site contains adorable rat pictures and sketches, plus organized links to useful informtion to keep your rats happy.
Rat Cathy's Pet Rats   Meet Panda and her family, and enjoy a wonderful photo diary of Joanne the Rat's six babies from birth through their first month.
Rat Squeakees   A site dedicated to rats and other rodents, with a plea for people to realize that rats are not "creepy, disgusting, plague-ridden vermin."
Rat Lone Star Rats of Central Texas   In addition to providing Central Texas with rats, Sarah has a good article detailing how you can still enjoy a house full of rodents even if you suffer from pet allergies.
Rat Rattie Rat Zone   Meet Bethany and her sweet little ratgirls Charlotte and Zoey.
Rat Sandra Beasley and the Spaz Rats   Not only are Sandra's rats very clever, they provide us with a lot of information on homeopathy and alternative medicine for rats too!
Rat Ratz - For the love of rats   Buffy and Willow (rats!) pose for some amazingly orchestrated photos.