1997 Clever Winners

Rat Theresa Goebel's Ratties   Meet the infamous Inky and his buddy Pinky. Get your very own cyber-rattie, too!
Rat Kelly Shepard's Ratties   See the amazing, replicating Zoe, and Cobi sticking his tongue out!
Rat Leeanne Hall's OzRatz   Caramel and Frimmy sent me a psychic message requesting bran cereal. They got Shanny instead! The newest addition to the OzRatz is Flauwere Rat, pronounced "flower," but spelled with a "were" in honor of the Wererat. *blush*
Rat B.J. Partee's Ratties   B.J. is campaigning to remove toxic cedar and pine from rattie cages worldwide.
Rat Bramble's Ratties   Pumpkin, Muffin, and Oreo are never bad, and are definitely not hamsters. They recently invited Swoosie to live with them, and they all took up ballet.
Rat Acinny's Rattie Girls   Oblina and Zen will respond to their names, but not to "EEEWWW"!
Rat The Batz Belfry   You may notice that there are more bats than rats here, but we tunneled up through the Lair into their cellar, and, well, it was just safer to give them the award....Anyway, look for Bucko (he's Bunnie's rat).
Rat Megan's Ratties   Great minds think alike. Megan expandeded her rat family the same day I did! These pages are composed by Miss Spam.
Rat Suai, Heather's Rattie   Heather's rattie Suai, has passed on, but these pages are a beautiful dedication to her memory.
Rat Marci's RatBrats   Meet Mocha and Latte, learn how rats drive, and their favorite "pick up" lines.
Rat The U.S. Division of the Rodent Legion   If joining the U.S. Rat Army isn't fun enough, read the exciting installments of Ratman and Rat Wars. Pick up your Rats Now! button here, it compliments Rattie Rights Now! quite nicely.
Rat Lisa's Rattishes   While it was already clear that the rattishes were clever, Lisa has shown her own cleverness by discovering a completely circular rattie.
Rat Virginia's Rat Page   In addition to living with the extremely clever Simon (who went to the Bridge on 9-24-97) and Troy, Virginia has a vast assortment of information that can improve the quality of any rattie's life. She even has a page devoted to games rats love to play!
Rat Tanja's Rat Page   Nuutti & Jörkki have written me a lovely letter about their award: "Wow, fankz! We'we honow'd ta axept it. We didnt need da HTML fwagment fough, 'coz we've so cleva we could figa it out al bye ouwselvz."
Rat Francina and Marian's Ratties on the Run   The rattie pictures are beautiful, this site has a useful medicine calculator, and as an added bonus there is a wonderful program to download: The RatBase 2.01.
Rat Lisa's Ratties   Saint Lisa (as she's known on the RatList) has many gorgeous ratties, and a fun rattie maze game. Help Grumpie Rat find his way out of the maze!
Rat Lady Rat's Lair   This is a properly built Lair. Now I have to worry that the rats in my Lair will move over to the Lady Rat's luxurious accommodations.
Rat Shelley's Home on the Web   Meet Shelley, learn about rattie anatomy, and find out why ratties are a necessary addition to role-playing.
Rat Arnaud et Les Rats   Arnaud has made a Rat FAQ in French, and his rendition of Le pont de l'Arc-en-Ciel ("The Rainbow Bridge") pulls at the heartstrings just like the English version *sigh*. Of course, the ratties are absolutely adorable!
Rat Alicia's Page about Rats   Alicia's rat page was created in honor of her first rattie, Lucy Sweetie Rat. This site has a great rat term paper, with plenty of rattie facts to amaze you.
Rat Tom and Lynda's Rattie Page   These ratties definitely like posing for pictures. If you want to see some expressive rattie faces, meet Lenny, Benny, ChickPea, Pinky ButterBean and Stella (at the Bridge).
Rat Ted & Abe's Rats   Meet some very cute ratties with great names, such as the PeePee Girls. (I know my PeeQuest boys perked up at the sound of that.)
Rat Lord Zainan's Keep   Visit the castle home of Dalamar the Dark and Steel Brightblade (rats, not AD&D characters)!