1998 Clever Winners

Rat The Rodent Retreat   I knew this site was clever as soon as I saw the rattie postcards (you can e-mail them to all your rattie friends!). Buzz and Woody thought "re-treat" meant have a second snack. They also host Squeak!, the very best online rattie magazine.
Rat The Rattie Realm   Meet Amethyst's cute ratties Beeju, Vanthe, Tegan, Arthan, and Nezumi (Japanese for "Rat" you know!) and visit the beautiful memorial page for little Tavoc.
Rat Rattie Boys   Bailey and Sullivan are very clever, according to their girlrat cousins, who were very insistant that the boys have an award.
Rat Dawn's Ratlings   Meet the ratlings Nemo, Shadow, Fawn and Grey. If they can't convince you that rats are wonderful, misunderstood creatures, then Dawn will!
Rat The Rat Zone   In addition to some more adorable ratties from the Netherlands, Henderica's site hosts the European Ratsitter List for rats needing a place to stay while their humans are away. There is also information on the Internationale Ratten Fokkers/Fanclub and Dutch rat books.
Rat Rolofson Rats  Meet Cindy, Ona, Lady, Oscar and Fuzzy (well, Fuzzy slept through the photo shoot). An incredibly cute bunch of ratties!
Rat The Ratshack: Home of Bigmac and his family  Bigmac has a "spycam" that lets him keep an eye on his Bigpeople. If you're lucky, you might catch Bigmac in the picture while he helps with his web site.
Rat The Rats of the Round Table  Visit the rat version of Camelot (all the ratties have knightly titles!) and read some CRS™ (Cute Rat Stories). Find out how Camelot was built in a day!
Rat The Official Rat-A-Mania Home Page  Meet some of Meghan's rats, and check out her on-line club for rat lovers (a particularly clever idea)!
Rat R.A.T. Belgium   A great site to learn facts about ratties. This site is in Dutch, French, German and English, with information on joining an international rattie club.
Rat RM Rats Page  René has a huge site devoted to his rats (including the very clever Mickey), with a very good rat "Facts" section. There are many cute stories and puzzles as well.
Rat Blackstaff Rats  Visit Blackstaff Rats and learn one of the most important aspects of having ratties-- why they should always have another rat as a companion!
Rat Rat Tayles  Meet Sophie and see how far she can jump! Rat Tayles also has information on a variety of rattie topics, from rattie colors to rattie toys.
Rat Heart for Animals -- Stacey's Pet Page   This site is full of adorable ratties in the classic poses: begging for treats, sleeping, and hanging from the side of the aquarium. There is also interesting information on pet safety.
Rat Jeanne's Rat Trixy  See pretty Trixy at her own wedding, complete with rattie bridesmaids, a cake, flowers, and a groom!
Rat The Rattie Crew  Notice the frowny look on Simon's face? I'm wondering if all agouti hooded rats make that expression when they're getting their photos taken. Every rattie here has an adorable expression!
Rat Ratslemania  Meet Yeti, a boy rattie clever enough to pretend he was a female when he first came home. There is also information here for joining a rattie/mouse co-op if you live in the North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware area.
Rat The Rat's Nest   Learn more about rats than just how cute and clever they are: how their teeth grow, the function of the rat tail, and the differences between our pets and their wild cousins.
Rat The Rat Station   A place to see cute rattie pictures, and to leave cute rattie poems and memorials. Has links to some of the Rat and Mouse Gazette's most important articles.
Rat The Fat Rat's Lair   Sybil and Willow have a wonderful gallery here, with the classic peeking-out-of-the-hammock shot (my favorite of rattie poses), and many pictures of their super-luxurious cage.
Rat Razzle's Rat-Tat-Tattery   Razzie's rats have some very clever ideas for rat toys, and tell you why rats deserve to live in large cages (with their endless supply of toys, of course!)
Rat Karin's House of Critters   Though your host through the site is a very personable hamster, there are clever ratties on this site, as well as mice, gerbils and other small rodents.
Rat The Raggy Rat Company   These Raggy Rats are nearly as cute as the real thing, and wont chew holes in your clothes! The Raggy Rat Company also has a gallery of beautiful rat pictures.