1999 Clever Winners

Rat Kevin and Sarah's Pet Rats   Visit a charming gallery of rattie cuteness featuring Baxter and Buddy, two rats who have developed a talent for shoulder riding.
Rat PacRat's Rat, Mouse & Jerboa Site   This site is dedicated to the memory of PacRat's departed pet rodents, the most clever of which was a rattie named Barry Bonds.
Rat Royal Rat   Meet Monty, a precious little girlrat who is convincing her Person to get her a cagemate. I'm told Monty has a great "homing instinct," even for a rattie!
Rat Scarlet's Shelter   Anne Marie (aka Scarlet) is the listowner of the nederlandstalige ratten mailing list. In addition to running this list and taking care of her own adorable ratties, she also helps rats in need of shelter or ratsitting when their People are away.
Rat The PackRats   A touching story of "Girl meets Rat." There is also a rattie gallery of four little angels, who are very clever when it comes to chewing the most expensive fashions.
Rat The Beast Pages   Sheba and Spot bring us Rattie Reasons, Sheba's Wisdom (very clever!), information on what ratties like to spend their time doing, and, of course, cute rattie pictures.
Rat The World Of Rats   Ashlee the rat greets us on this page, which contains information on the British rat fancy (including shows Ashlee and his cagemates have won awards at). Selena also dispels some rather unflattering rat myths!
Rat The Rats Nest   Daria and Noel have information on rattie housing, rattie feeding, and general responsibility to ratties. They cleverly made their human present it to us in the form of a web site.
Rat Schmalz Rat Hole   Learn about Kalypso, Opie, Dante, Sonny, Racer, Joey, Callisto...and find out why it's so important to love your rats!
Rat Gerold's rattige Webseiten!   Gerold's site has two versions, English and German, and a wonderful photo gallery of his ratties. If you want to see handsome rats doing rattie things, I recommend this site!
Rat The RatMischief!   Kayleigh and Twyla write their own journals; and all the rats strike winning poses in their photo gallery.
Rat The Rat Connection   This site contains a lot of information on bringing ratties into your home, and also has pictures of beautiful rats of many different colors and varieties.
Rat Tad P Frog's Home Page   A wealth of material including a rattie FAQ, information on veterinary medicine, and of course, some very cute boyrats for inspiration! A great place to visit if you want to keep your ratties healthy.
Rat Taliesin Rattery   Have you been looking for blue, dumbo or hairless ratties? I'm told that these rats like to hide Cheerios in their ears. Visit this site to see pictures of some very cute ratties in these more unusual varieties.
Rat Five Furry Fuzzbombs   This is a truly wonderful site, with useful information for people new to the rat fancy. There are also some great candid shots of rats getting into mischief. My rats especially love the background design!
Rat Bart's Rat Site   This is a new rat site for two very young ratties (one of which is Bart). We hope to see pictures of the rat boys in the near future!
Rat PackRats Rattery   Jess's site is not only elegantly designed, it also shows off her baby rats at a variety of ages. If you are searching for the perfect pet in New Hampshire, visit PackRats!
Rat Rat Room UK   Katie's site has clever rat facts, signs of illness to watch for in pet rats, rat riddles, and best of all, rattie graphics!
Rat Snickers & Maxx   Snickers and Maxx have a wonderfully colorful web site, and better still, have cleverly convinced their human that they needed lots of rat friends to live with.
Rat Fretten en Ratten web site   This isn't the first time I've been to a rattie site and wished that I could understand Dutch! The layout and colors of the site are beautiful, and the rats are adorable, which makes it worth visiting regardless of what language you speak.
Rat Rat Cemetery   This is a wonderful little site that pays homage to clever ratties that have passed on. There's a form to fill out if you have the sad duty of commemorating your own dearly departed.
Rat Spiritje's Rats   A delightful site featuring clever ratties from Belgium-- Zara, Kiwi and Mango.
Rat Der Mighty Art Rat Keller   Once Eric and Nina discovered rats liked to laugh and be tickled, they started bringing handfuls of ratties home, and built an amazing house for them to live in (and of course have pictures of this amazing house on their site!).
Rat The Rat Rehoming Register   This site is dedicated to bringing rattie lovers and ratties together in the UK. All British ratties looking for people (or vice versa) are urged to visit. You can also visit Salome & Sheba's Rat Pack Network. These enchanting girlrats are "icons of the internet."
Rat The Whole Rat Rattery   This rattery's site has information on the nutritional needs of ratties at various stages of maturity, with promises of rattie pictures soon!
Rat Fat Rat Central   This site has a wealth of well-organized rattie information; a site where you get more in-depth information than say, oh, the Lair. Enjoy some beautiful rattie graphics, and learn a few things you may not know about the rodents you live with!
Rat Rodent Ears   A cute title for a cute site! Meet Celeste and her cagemates, as well as a few non-rattie rodents.
Rat Cinder the Rat: Almost Daily Photo Journal   This site has wonderful logs of the life of Cinder and her babies, and each journal entry has just enough adorable rattie pictures to complement the text. Cinder's clan is obviously pampered and well-loved; it shows on the faces in the pictures.
Rat Tim and Heather's Rattie Palace   Meet Daphne, Delilah, Dinky, Bacardi, Brandy, and Bacardi's nine ratlings (Bacardi was a buy one get nine free deal!).
Rat Ratarchie   A beautiful, well organized rattie site entirely in Dutch. There's information on caring for ratties, including some medical tips, as well as a history of wild rats, and many cute rattie pictures too.
Rat Rats and Such   A site about Marie, Dot, Sugar, and Brownie; four very young rats that are doing their best to spread rattie addiction.