Imperial Chirper

Trivia Answers

1. 5628 AD. Traveller, Supplement 8, Library Data (A-M), page 10.
2. Tech level 12. Traveller, Book 8, Robots, page 6.
3. The captain of a starship contributes 10cr for each low passenger on his ship, all attempting to guess who will survive the space travel in low berth. If the "winner" of the correct guess does not survive, the captain wins all of the money. Traveller, Book 2, Starships, page 5.
4. Cargo Manifest. Traveller, Book 7, Merchant Prince, pages 46-47.
5. Omigosh, Crested Nightmare; Marina serpens malnocturnus; or Hkeahai. Far Traveller, No.1, page 22.
6. The Kudebeck's Gazelle has six legs. The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, No. 2, page 26.
7. Gesture, touch, and writing. The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, No. 13, page 17.
8. "Subjects." The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, No. 21, page 33.
9. -2431 (AD 2089). Traveller, Supplement 10, The Solomoni Rim, page 4.
10. The Sylean Federation Scout Service, which became the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service. Traveller, Book 6, Scouts, page 4.
11. The Vargr, the K'kree, the Hivers, the Droyne, Humanati (Vilani, Solomani, and Zhodani), and the Aslan. Aslan, Traveller Alien Module 1, page 1.
12. page 32 of The Traveller Adventure, Volume 2.
13. Close Orbit and Airspace Control Command. MegaTraveller COACC, various pages.
14. Assault, Battle, Interdiction, Penetration, Strike, Reserve and Depot. MegaTraveller Fighting Ships of the Shattered Imperium, pages 5-6.
15. None. The MegaTraveller Journal, Number 2, page 53.
16. A ship's extra crew members, who are kept in low berth until needed to replace injured/killed shipmates. MegaTraveller Starship Operator's Manual, Volume 1, page 57.
17. The Robot. Only a sentient lifeform is granted citizen status, and the robot is not an organism, even if sentient. MegaTraveller World Builder's Handbook, page 13.
18. There are 500 drandir in a Vilani year, which is approximately 1.33 years in the Imperial calendar. MegaTraveller Referee's Companion, page 45.
19. "Vargr speech without Vargr teeth." MegaTraveller Alien Volume 1, Vilani and Vargr: The Coreward Races, page 58.
20. 9 (fusion power) and A (jump drive). MegaTraveller Referee's Manual, page 23.
21. Term is used by inhabitants of the Spinward Marches, Deneb, and the Trojan Reaches to refer to these areas. The Great Rift resembles a claw on maps of the Imperium. MegaTraveller Imperial Encyclopedia, page 19.
22. In 247 the Eliyoh (minor non-human race) joined the Imperium. Their vision is in the far infrared, which made color distinctions impossible for them. MegaTraveller Players' Manual, page 27.
23. TL-13. Traveller: The New Era, Fire, Fusion, & Steel, Technical Architecture, page 156.
24. Virus-controlled starships the are linked by one huge electronic "mind." Traveller: The New Era, "Rulebook," page 56.
25. "The virus appears to be spread by communication, and is carried by starships. It is believed that the X-Boat system and the Traveller News Service have also been infected, and may be spreading the virus to your data system even as your read this. The only defense is to cease all communications. Shut all systems down, and receive no messages...." Traveller: The New Era, Survival Margin, page 66.
26. Quick Ship-Design System. Marc Miller's Traveller, "Rule Book," page 92.
27. 3: Fornast, Zarushagar, and Delphi. T4: First Survey, page 4.
28. "Worm balls." T4: Alien Archive, page 78.
29. Oneday. T4: Starships, page 5.
30. The Suerrat. The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, No. 26, page 4.
31. A "blowout." T4: Central Supply Catalog, page 18.
32. Argushiigi Admegulasha Bilanidin. T4: Milieu 0, page 60.
33. Loss of directional control and facing, unless braced against an object. T4: Emperor's Arsenal, page 11.
34. Social Tax Rate = (Law Level + Culture) / 100. Marc Miller's Traveller, Pocket Empires, page 43.
35. The Droyne. MegaTraveller, Referee's Companion, page 51.