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I'm always happy to find a link back here on someone else's site. Text links are fine, but if you'd like a graphic link, please take a copy of one of these buttons or banners for your site (do not link to them directly!):

The Wererat's Lair       wererat.net       wererat.net      rpgs.wererat.net

sometimes, horror is cute.  wererat.net

The Wererat's Lair   wererat.net logo

The Wererat's Lair   sometimes, horror is cute.  wererat.net

sometimes, horror is cute.  wererat.net   sometimes, horror is cute.  wererat.net

The URLs, if you haven't already guessed, are wererat.net and rpgs.wererat.net (no "www" needed for either). Permission is granted to use the above graphics on your site provided they are not altered and point back to this site. Due to the almost unmanageable size of the Lair, I don't actually have a links section of my own, but you can find many of my favorite sites via the webrings I belong to.