Rattie Theme
Download the Rattie Theme!Click on the picture to download a zip file of the Rattie Desktop Theme for Windows 9x. It includes all original cursors, icons, wallpaper, startup and shutdown screens, as well as Staffan Vilcan's Rat Paws screen saver, and event sound files. The Rattie Theme is approximately 475k, and only looks good in High Color (16 bit) or better. It is recommended that you have Microsoft Plus! or a theme manager, such as the freeware program Desktop Architect or Left Side Software's Desktop Themes, and a program to unzip files, such as WinZip.

Transparent will turn your Windows 9x or NT desktop icon text backgrounds transparent (hence the name); allowing the Rattie wallpaper to show through (look closely at the Rattie Desktop Theme's picture to see what I mean). It will also allow you to easily change the icon text to any color. It's freeware, doesn't slow your pc down, and comes with installation instructions. Highly recommended!

Preview the rest of the Rattie Desktop Theme here.

Additional Rattie Wallpaper is here.

Extra Rattie Cursors (pointers) are available here.