The Wererat's Tutorials: Glowing Text

I must confess that I don't usually make my "glowing" graphics the same way twice, but I payed more attention this time around, and the following six steps should give you similar results. You will need Paint Shop Pro (5.01 is used for this example) and a really nice sci-fi or gothic font.

Example 1 First, select a nice bright color and enter your text. Make sure that Selections is set to "Select None" or the equivalent.
Example 2 Click on Image, then choose Other 1 and "Dilate."
Example 3 Click on Image, then choose Blur 2 and "Blur More" ("Soften More" will work well too).
Example 4 Use "Dilate" a second time.
Example 5 Use "Blur More" a second time.
Example 6 Finally, select a darker color for text, and enter the text exactly as before. Line up the new text directly over the "glow" and save as usual.
1 Called Special Filters in PSP 4.1x.
2 Called Normal Filters in PSP 4.1x.