Adjusting Monitor Resolution in Windows

While most site designers try to make their designs work with most monitor resolutions, most sites look better at 800 x 600 resolution or higher. Unfortunately, the default setting in Windows is 640 x 480 resolution. If you find yourself having to scroll left to right when visiting a web site, the following information may be of benefit to you.

Go to your "Desktop" (your monitor's screen) and right click on an empty area. A shortcut menu will appear.

Click on "Properties." The following box will appear:

Step 1

Click on the "Settings" tab at the top of the box. Change the desktop area to 800 by 600 pixels by clicking and dragging the slide control to the right. Stop when the number changes to "800 by 600 pixels."

Go to the "Color Palette" control to the left and, using the drop down box, change the setting to "High Color."

Click "OK." The following box will appear:

Step 2

Click "OK."

If you have already set your monitor before with Windows 95, the following box will appear.

Step 3

Click "Yes."

If you have not adjusted your monitor previously with Windows 9x, you will need to tell the computer the type of monitor you have. A box, like this one, will appear on your screen if you need to take this step.

Step 4

Using the scroll bars, choose the manufacturer and model number (or a similar model) of your monitor. Click on your manufacturer in the left window. Select the model number in the right window.

Click "OK." This box will be shown:

Step 5

Click "OK." This box will appear:

Step 6

Select "Yes" to keep the new settings.