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Traveller Trivia

Think you know a little bit about Traveller? Try a few of the questions below. These questions are randomly divided between all four incarnations of the Traveller game, and the Chirper has personally double-checked these in his vast library. A link to the answers (with references, of course!) is at the bottom of the quiz.

1. The beginning of the Fifth Frontier War was in what year on the Terran calendar?
2. What was the tech level of the robots the Terran Confederation Navy commissioned in -2389?
3. What is the "Low Lottery"?
4. What is TAS Form 14?
5. What is another name for the Roakhoian Sea-Serpent?
6. What is the most noticeable difference between the Kudebeck's Gazelle and a Terran ungulate?
7. What are the three aspects of Hiver language?
8. What is the translation of the K'kree word "kr'rirr"?
9. The Terran invention of the jump drive took place in what year?
10. What do the acronyms SFSS and IISS stand for?
11. Name the six "major" races for Classic Traveller.
12. A map of Leedor, capitol of Aramis, can be found in what book?
13. What does the acronym COACC stand for?
14. What are the Imperial Navy's seven "Broad Fleet Types"?
15. How many limbs does the Illgawf have?
16. What is the "Frozen Watch"?
17. Which of the following is not an considered an Imperial Citizen, and why? Robot, Cyborg, Clone, or Android.
18. How many drandir are in a Vilani year?
19. Translate the following insult from Gvegh (spoken by 60% of Vargr): "Khofaeghorz gvegh gvegh gnaedh faeng vargr rrirrg."
20. What is the Universal World Profile hexadecimal code numbers for "Early Stellar" tech levels?
21. What does the slang term "Behind the Claw" mean?
22. Why did the Empress Porfiria declare that the Imperial Sunburst would have no official color?
23. The Design example for the Plasma Cradle Gun (Vehicle-Mounted) is what Tech level?
24. What are the "vampire fleets"?
25. What was in the last intelligible transmission of the Traveller News Service in 1130?
26. What does the acronym QSDS stand for?
27. How many and which subsectors are deliberately omitted from First Survey?
28. What is the Imperium's colloquial term for the Nunclees?
29. What day does the Imperial standard work week begin?
30. What minor human race makes up over 60% of the population of the Ilelish Sector?
31. What's the term for a penetrating hit to a spacesuit (while in a vacuum)?
32. The Vilani Repository of All Knowledge has the acronym AAB. What does it stand for in the Vilani language?
33. What is the probable outcome for an untrained character firing a recoiling weapon in a Zero-G environment?
34. How is a world's Social Tax Rate determined?
35. The Chirper is a creature from what major race?

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