Not Quite Kibble-- Pooka and Fey

On Halloween 2000, I decided to make one of those innocent trips to the petstore to buy treats, not realizing that an outbreak of "New Rat Fever" was running rampant throughout most of the known world.
We're so cute and tiny!
We're so cute and tiny!
This is what I brought home instead of yogurt drops.

Pooka and Fey are silver chocolate berkshires, born around October 1, 2000. We named them in honor of the holiday I brought them home on.

Pooka and Fey like the big cage well enough, but don't stay still for long. Pooka and Fey trying out the big cage
Pooka and Fey trying out the big cage.
A rare, still moment.
A rare, still moment.
Now for the big test-- how will they get along with Lucy, Hoody and Ginny?

Big sleeping mass of rats.
Big sleeping mass of rats in their hammock-- success!

In loving memory of Fey
October 1, 2000 to May 16, 2002.
Such a tiny girl has left such a big hole in our hearts. We miss you.
In loving memory of Pooka
October 1, 2000 to July 13, 2002.
Missing our cuddly little girl, who survived so many surgeries like a champ. We're sorry you couldn't stay with us longer.