The Wererat's Gallery

The rats are very glad that you came to visit them. Galleries contain midis carefully selected by rats, for rats (you've been warned!). Please select the gallery from the list below.

Woody and Buzz at two years old Star More Galleries, including Stu!, the 3 Musketeers,
the b-rats, the s-rats, the v-rats, and... Miss Molly
Star Rat Spells with Myst and Pearl Star
Star Pearl's Litter (Nixie, Pixie and Stu!) Star
Star Not Quite Kibble-- Pooka and Fey Star
Star Hoody's House & Ginny's Journey Star
Star Lucy on the Loose Star
Star Ratpunzel: Pepper and Lily Star
Star PeeQuest: Buzz and Woody Star
Star Bess and Ty, my adorable girls Star
Star Ratties in Memoriam: Bo, Sasha, Robin, Boo Star

In Memory of Lisa On May 22, 2000, we lost Lisa Jenny Westplate, known by many as the patron saint of rats, to illness. Lisa was one of my dearest friends, and a favorite "Auntie" of my rats. This gallery is dedicated to her memory.