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I'm a *pet* rat! This section of the Lair came from sifting through 100s of answers we've provided on since its inception. While every pet rat is unique and special, there are a few things they have in common; enough, hopefully, that you can find some of your questions answered by using the form below (the actual questions being answered are further down this page). All answers are provided in a format showing the full URL as well as title of each linked article; we understand that sometimes this information will need to be emailed or printed and this will prevent you from losing the links provided. Please note that answers from rat-help and rat-info are not, nor do we claim them to be, a substitute for veterinarian advice and treatment from a good rat vet.

This service is for pet rats only! We cannot provide help with wild animals (be they rescues or "unwanted guests"), your homework or lab assignment, or any other situations that are not pet rat related.

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A Rattie Dedication
This compilation is possible because of the dedicated efforts of Virginia Simpson, Meg Stephenson, Brian Lee, Susan Armstrong, Sarah Shuman, Robyn Arthur, Karen Grant, Laurie Ratcliff, James Kittock, Missy Ruud, members of the RMCA, and others that have answered rat questions on the internet over the years. We've quoted each other so often that it's hard to say who wrote what originally, but rest assured, their input is in every single page in this section of the Lair.