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  • From the Wreckage: Hugh's Greyhawk Campaign
  • Fairhaven: Hugh's Greyhawk Campaign
  • The Descent: Hugh's FR Waterdeep Campaign
  • Eberron Rekindled: Hugh's Towering Wood Campaign
  • In Defiance: Hugh's Greyhawk Campaign
  • Hugh's Pathfinder Campaign Journals
  • Bewildered: Hugh's Other Pathfinder Campaign Journal
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  • Bad Times: Hugh's Horrific Campaign
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  • The Descent: Waterdeep (Forgotten Realms) Calendar/Timeline
  • Towering Wood (Eberron) Campaign Calendar/Timeline
  • In Defiance (Greyhawk) Campaign Calendar/Timeline
  • Golarion (Pathfinder) Campaign Calendar/Timeline
  • Bewildered (Pathfinder) Campaign Calendar/Timeline
  • Mwangi (Pathfinder) Campaign Calendar/Timeline
  • Great White North (Pathfinder) Campaign Calendar/Timeline
  • Bad Times (Pathfinder) Campaign Calendar/Timeline
  • Mission Log: Hugh's Starfinder Campaign Calendar/Timeline
  • Character Sheets (D&D and Pathfinder)
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